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I recently put some tail lights on the Jeep that came from an M151 I think. Got them off of ebay and they were in such bad shape I got them for $9 total (the shipping cost). This kind of light usually goes for $50 to $60 or more per pair on ebay. See the attached shot of what they looked like when I got them:

 Corroded lights Photograph ©2001 Stan R. Day
Corroded original mil style lights                                Refurbished tail light

Had to do some fixing of the housings and replaced the blackout lenses with street legal lenses. The original sockets in the lamps were badly corroded, and apparently once they are like that you can clean them, but you can never get them to stop corroding again. So, I replaced them with some sockets I put together. The first attempt utilized the single 1157 lamps that were in the tail lights that came with the Jeep.

Below is a shot of the original single-socket, dual-contact setup (1157 lamps) and a shot of the new 3-socket, single-contact configuration (67 and 1156 lamps) inside the tail lights. I wasn't happy with the single lamp solution (not bright enough, and not as cool as the mil-style), so I got industrious and fabricated a 3-socket setup to mimic the military style setup. When it's dark out these are so bright the people behind me at a light wince when I hit the brakes. They illuminate the whole light assembly better than the other 1 lamp did. They work great and they went in real nice too, with 3 socket assy's in there it's all pretty sturdy.

 Photograph ©2001 Stan R. Day Photograph ©2001 Stan R. Day
Single socket attempt                                               3 socket final

I've recently picked up some original, brand new lights like these that I plan to replace the modified units with since the original military sockets are heavier duty than these modified sockets.

Military tail lights for the M38A1 Jeep® were 24V, 3-lamp units. They can be modified to use 12V lamps, in either the original harness and socket setup, or, if that setup is damaged or missing, in a single lamp (#1157) or 3 lamp (#67 and #1156) modification.

mil light illustration ©2001 Stan R. Day
12V Lamp setup inside modified lights

The double-contact socket AutoZone part number is 85802, and the single-contact socket is number 85804. I also added a new license plate illumination light which was a "Blazer" brand, number C149, which uses a #67 lamp (12V).

At this time the sockets are wired to the vehicle wiring with Radio Shack DC polarized power connectors, and the license plate light is connected with a single snap (bullet style) connector. This should change when I switch over to the original M-style lights and wiring with original rubber disconnects.

Tail Lamp Details:

24V Originals:

12V Replacements (3-socket style)::

12V Turn Signals (DC single-lamp style):

Dash Lamp Information:

12V Dash Lamps:

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