Tow Rings

Here are some shots of some surplus towing rings I've mounted.  The front have some additional support in the form of 3/8" plates behind the bumper so they can be used for heavy towing.  I mounted them in a way to allow me to reattach the front tow bar later if needed.

Tow rings on front bumper

All four rings and mounts needed to be cleaned up and repainted.  The rear rings are OD:

    Tow Ring Illustration 2001 Stan R. Day
Rear tow rings                                                             Tow Ring Illustration

I've recently added some old mil surplus bumperettes and a backup light to the rear.  The backup light is switched manually until I can figure out how to get a reverse switch on the transmission.

bumperette.jpg (10953 bytes)
Rear Bumperette and Backup Light

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