After only 36 years, the Jeep now has sun visors!   I was hoping I might be able to find something like the one I saw on a 1956 CJ5 Jeep at a museum.  These were really strange looking things with an articulated arm:

Photograph 2001 Stan R. Day (5101 bytes)
Old Style Visor on Jeep at Museum

I'm not sure these were even authentic original Jeep equipment though, so that along with not being able to find anything like those old ones I went for the more standard "old CJ" style below:

Photograph 2001 Stan R. Day (12564 bytes)
Standard "old CJ" Style Visor now on Jeep

These work pretty well even with the top mounted wipers up there.  I used a friend's later-model CJ as a guide for overall placement of the visors.  Made very careful measurements and checked everything numerous times before drilling.

Below are 2 thumbnails (click on them for larger images) of how I went about mounting the visors.  On the first revision I used regular machine screws on the outside of the windshield frame.  These worked fine but didn't have the look I wanted.  The next day I found some miniature carriage bolts and rubber washers so I redid the outside mounting as shown in revision 2.  On these I even painted the bolt heads and the first washer black so it would all blend better with the windshield frame.  The addition of the rubber washers should help prevent water infiltration too.

Illustrations 2001 Stan R. Day (2175 bytes)   Illustrations 2001 Stan R. Day (2358 bytes)
Revision 1               Revision 2

Below is how the second attempt wound up looking from the outside:

Photograph 2001 Stan R. Day (3741 bytes)
Visor Bolts

Final fun for the weekend was installing 4 "footman loops" onto the tailgate.  This is how many original tailgates were setup years ago.  The loops are for the old style soft tops to attach to and I got them from Willy's Works.

 Photograph 2001 Stan R. Day (6156 bytes)
Footman Loops

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